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Start Time Change

Due to a friend's minor push (and promise of comments), I shall probably (like... 70%) be starting this comic as of tomorrow, 12 pm EST.

Comics will, after the initial post, be space one week apart- unless, of course, I have a random post here and there that is just a doodle or something. Then the doodles will be posted whenever the hell I want to. :3

Although I kind of know that no one is really reading my news, I feel better writing them in than leaving those very few who DO read wanting to know what happened.

So yeah... this is simply a FYI.

To those who are reading, and want to advertise your comic on mine (and will be willing to do the same in return), please please please contact me so that we can start this whole shin-dig. I want to start getting this thing done. :D

posted by LadyLover @ September 14th, 2012, 10:33 pm  -  0 Comments

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